Eichhorn Winery

Miriam is a painter and Ron is a filmmaker, both of us were not born into Winemaking. We bought our vineyard a few years ago and immediately loved the work with the vines, the land and in the cellar. We decided to make our wines as natural as possible, with minimal intervention in all stages. From the pruning in winter and thinning of the first shoots in spring to the bottling in summer and the harvest in autumn, and of course all the cellar work that follows.

Simplicity and sophistication are both important to us. While we want to keep everything as straightforward as possible, our wines reflect the complexity of our particular terroir and the way we mature them. We want to make wines with a unique character. If they were actors, we imagine they would be like Sophia Loren or Philippe Noiret. Anything else but average or boring.




25. April